I never dreamed that I can build my own castle someday! I looked at people of all ages holding cameras in the hands and taking pictures.
When I was a child, I enjoyed the countryside scenery. I often wish one day I could have a beautiful garden.

Thanks to my husband who made my dreams come true. We sacrificed our sleep and worked until midnight. Before the typhoon struck we protected our trees and flowers in the garden. Eventually, our hardwork had finally paid off. We won the national contest of "The Most Beautiful Garden in Taiwan" and we were crowned by the Japanese media with the name for "Garden for everyone's dream."

Xinyuan Bed and Breakfast covers an area of 3,600 meter squares and has nine dream castles. All the trees and the plants are like my children an it is my responsibility to look after them and nurture them. As the seasons change our garden into different colors, people can smell the fragrance in the air and appreciate the new look and appearance.

Welcome to Xinyuan Bed and Breakfast where all the surprises await you.