In the heat of the core into the garden bed and breakfasts, instant came to a garden like a forest, all intended to eliminate not only the summer, but could not help but want to rely on this and not go.
Here is obsessed with the house of quiet, bright, well outside the garden carefully arranged landscape, and makes the mood to proudly display the taste is everywhere
And enjoyment of life, the warmth of a small corner of the chair, escalator on the beautiful stones, pine cones, living room paintings, you can see the window and green ... ...
And most importantly ~ the owner of tenderness. Cao Wan-core favorite mistress gardening, often to midnight daily flowers species are enthusiastic
Core Park also won the Ilan County households beautification title.

With a tone of excitement, she is sharing accommodation with business to bring her feelings and happiness, like a few days ago, Mr. Wang Yongqing's daughter ~
Miss Wang Ruiyu with head to the short stay, and she and her husband talk about the kind of joy quite well.
"We are bits and pieces of the business, customers want to share our heart with life"
She said, "watch regular customers have been bringing friends to the heart have a peace of mind, sense of security."

Here dining, guests never too dishes on too slowly, because you can stroll in the garden slowly, slowly play
Gradually began to feel the owner wants to share with guests the kind of happiness. (Xu Fangju Compilation)

Taken from the 319 townships in Taiwan CommonWealth Magazine smile travel album in July 2005 in the core park